Water Damage Photo Gallery

Green SERVPRO drying equipment set i place drying a water damaged home in Denver Co

Water damage can and will happen when you least expect it!

Removing the water damaged materials after extracting the standing water is a crucial step in the mitigation process. 

Once the damaged carpet and sheetrock are removed, the drying equipment will work hard to speed up the evaporation of the water remaining in the space. Dehumidifiers and high powered air movers will help prevent secondary damage.

SERVPRO of Denver Southwest trucks responding to a water damage in Denver, co

We are here when you need us

SERVPRO of Denver Southwest can and will be here to help you when you need us most!

Our team responded to a home in the Denver, CO area after a major sewage backup caused biohazardous waste to invade their home through their pipes. Our team was prepared and mitigated the damage efficiently.

wet rug on tip of tile flooring with standing water surounding it

Water will damage more than just the structure

This local business had a sprinkler malfunction which sent water everywhere.

When we arrived on scene we were able to quickly evaluate the extent of the damage. We then begin the extraction to make sure we minimized the possibility of mold due to excess moisture. 

Feet wearing water boot, standing in a few inches of standing water on tile flooring

When water intrudes, Call SERVPRO of Denver Southwest

Our team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently!

When this local business had a major supply line break it sent water throughout the entire first floor of the building. We arrived quickly and began mitigation immediately, in order to minimize the damage and prevent mold.

water damage in a large building with an air mover being used to concentrate air flow to the affected area

No matter the size of your loss, we are here to help

Air flow concentration can be extremely important when trying to dry out a water damaged facility.

When our team of water mitigation experts arrived to assess the damage at this facility, they found hidden moisture with our thermal moisture meter and proceeded to set up an air flow concentration tube to target this specific area.

a hallway with water damage, wet sheetrock removed exposing the metal wall framing and a green air mover working to dry it

When water finds its way into your facility, call our water mitigation techs

Here at SERVPRO of Denver Southwest, we have the resources to respond to a loss of any size.

This large facility manager called our team when water damaged a large area of their facility. We extracted the standing water, removed the damaged materials and set the proper drying equipment needed to get the area dried properly.