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Commercial property water loss response team

A retirement community is set up somewhat similarly to an apartment home building. One unit with damage can become multiple units affected and requiring additio... READ MORE

When the roof leaks, the damage can be devastating

When storms blow through, your roof can fall victim to small damage. Over time the small damage can grow into a very big, very expensive problem. This local Den... READ MORE

Smoke and Soot can cause major damage

If you live in an apartment complex, your unit can suffer fire damage without ever having flames in it. Smoke and soot can travel through ventilation systems a... READ MORE

When water damages your property, we respond!

Commercial water damage does not wait for business hours to occur. It can happen any time day or night. Timing is everything in a situation like this. It is ver... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Denver Southwest is here to help

Water damage can quickly become mold and once it does the restoration process becomes much more costly. In this instance a Denver facility had water damage in t... READ MORE

Fire damage in Denver home

A fire no matter how large, will leave a major smoke and soot damage all over your Denver home. This homeowner was devastated when they realized how much damage... READ MORE

A sprinkler malfunction can be devastating

A sprinkler system is put in place to prevent major fire damage to your property, but in the case of this Denver business it caused major water damage instead o... READ MORE

Storms can cause major damage to your commercial property

Is your commercial property prepared for a storm? Are you aware of the types of damage that can occur? This Denver property owner was. Their basement fell victi... READ MORE

Water can be extremely damaging to wood floors

Water pipes can be sensitive to pressure and extreme temperature changes. A local Denver retirement community had a few pipes crack due to major temperature spi... READ MORE

When water damage sits un-mitigated, mold can form

A vacant home can easily fall victim to water damage even with no one living inside using the utilities. Severe weather can affect the pipes throughout the home... READ MORE